Easy to learn. Difficult to master. Do you have the strategic mettle to be victorious?


Earn in-game currency just by winning. Use rewards to purchase premium content.


Play on your own in Campaign and PvE mode. Or play with friends, old and new, in PvP.


Regular tournaments where you can compete and show off your skills.


With both free and premium content, you can join in the fun whatever your budget.


You'll compete with players from all over the world on multiple platforms.


What is it?

'Mobile Soldiers: Plastic Army' brings the classic table-top pastime to mobile and desktop gaming. Careful strategy, and tactics, are required in order to be victorious.

How do I play?

There are three options - move; attack; deploy. The controls are simple, so you can concentrate fully on strategic thinking and planning.

What are the features?

Campaign Mode has a number of features, for you, to create some variance. Once you move to PvE, and PvP, there are even more options to provide you with endless fun.

Can I play with friends?

'Mobile Soldiers: Plastic Army' is one of the best 3D mobile games to play online with friends and comes with global leaderboards to show off your strategic prowess.

The battle has begun and you must be prepared. Easy to learn, difficult to master. Can you be triumphant?

Capture the Flag

The classic. Win by defeating all enemy units or capturing all flags.

Last Man Standing

No flags! Defeat your opponent by taking out all of their units. Simple.

Maintain Morale

Capture the Flag with a twist - you lose if your team's morale depletes.